HP Genius, Smart water dispenser

HP GENIUS is able to produce pure water without any unpleasant taste of chlorine directly from the tap of your kitchen on board. Its microfiltration system avoids any trace of chlorine and intercepts a large amount of pollutants that can contaminate water along its flow (metals, pesticides, hydrocarbons), and the bacteriostatic treatment system with silver ionssterilizes the water at the point of dispense, avoiding the presence of bacteria that could accumulate in the tank and the pipes of the boat. A remineralizer filter enriches the water with precious minerals for a better taste. The result is a tasty water full of all its beneficial mineral salts indispensable to ours organism, pure and fresh as spring water! HP GENIUS produces water according to the tastes of everyone: at room temperature, cold and sparkling. Your water as you like it!

How many bottles i use during my boat trip?

Consumption of a family of 4 persons in the month of August on a boat.

2 Liters each for 4 people = 8 Liters per day x 31 days = 248 Liters = 165 bottles of 1 liter and half to buy, to stock on board and dispose. 

From the sea to the tap

Need to make water on board?

No problem with HP Watermakers systems, from the sea to the tap just pishing a START button from the cockpit or even from your mobile device connected to internet.

The water came from the sea and then, thorugh our watermaker and HP GENIUS - Water dispenser, you will have the best quality water on board!

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